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Misc. Jon Boat Items
Deluxe Jon Boat Running Light Kit
This is the running light kit that works best with jon boats. It comes complete with stowaway plug-in bow and stern lights, 25 feet of wire, and a three-way switch. The lights may be stowed away when not in use, with a flush-mounted plug remaining mounted. For a dependable Lighting system, this is the way to go.

A.K.'s price $99.99

  Jon Boat Bilge Pump Kit
Complete kit to install manual bilge pump with 3/4" I.D. hose outlet

One two-way on/off switch with bezel plate
One 3/4" I.D. x 5' corrugated hose
One thru-hull fitting for 3/4" I.D. hose
Two Snap-It hose clamps
One two-conductor 16-gauge wire, 20'long
One in-line fuse holder with 2-amp fuse
One Tsunami 500 GPH bilge pump

A.K.'s price $48.99

SeaSense® Bilge Pumps
The SeaSense® submersible bilge pumps are tough enough for any bilge. The 600 GPH and 800 GPH use 3/4" hose and the 1100 GPH
uses 1-1/8" hose. Meets ABYC specification H-22.
• Quick Release Strainer Base for Easy Cleaning
• Stainless Steel Shaft & Mounting Screws
• 30" Tinned Marine Grade Wire Leads
• Universal Mounting Hole Positions
• Impact Resistant ABS Housing
• Certified Flow Rates
• Ignition Protected

600 GPH—$15.99
800 GPH—$22.99
1100 GPH—$26.99

  Attwood Sahara Automatic Bilge Pump
This is a 500 gallon per hour pump that can be wired to turn on automatically. It works great when your boat is left in the water overnight, for example. The S-500 has plenty of pumping power for most jobs. Sized for boats up to approx. 17 ft. It requires a three-way switch and a 3/4” hose.

500GPH  $49.99
750GPH  $74.99
1100GPH $79.99

SeaSense® Fisherman's Live Bait Aerator
The most versatile aerator pump on the market! For coolers, buckets and livewells. Salt or fresh water. Super strong suction cups. No drilling, no screws. Completely portable. Adjustable spray control and telescopic nozzle height keep bait alive longer.
• Works On Any 12V Power Source
• Impact Resistant ABS Housing
• 30" Marine Grade Tinned Wire
• Telescopes Up To 13-3/4"

A.K.’s price $23.99

  SeaSense® LED Switch Panel
Complete with push-button reset breakers, toggle switches, LED indicator lights and marine grade tinned wire. Panel rating: 12V, 40 amp total. Individual circuit 10 amps. Stainless mounting hardware included. Corrosion-free aluminum panel.

4 Gang LED Switch Panel—$36.99
6 Gang LED Switch Panel—$48.99

Jon Boat Handle & Oar Sockets with Nylon Bushings
Factory original for most Jon Boats with round gunnels (Lowe, Alumicraft, Crestliner, & others)

Handle overall width 7 1/2", hole to hole center about 6 1/2".
Oar Sockets attach with 3 rivets or stainless screws & nuts.

AK's Price
Either Item  $ 5.99

  Factory Original O.D. Green Paint


12 Oz. Spray Can  $14.99
Quart                     $21.99
Gallon                    $74.99

Call for other boats factory paints.

Speed XP Junior
Designed for all boats & inflatable's with 1-1/2 to 40 HP motors. Stops bow rise on all boats including tiller steering. Stability, control & superior ride. Improves fuel economy at higher speeds.
AK’s discount price
SJR-XP1 Black $49.99
SJR-XP2 White $49.99
SJR-XP3 Gray $49.99

Hydrofoil Stabilizer

  Speed XP
Made with SPEED-XP. Patent pending Speed Covers reduce drag by eliminating water “slap” against the back side of hole. Hides mounting hardware, giving the hydrofoil a sleek, OEM, invisible-mount look. Patent pending StingRay™ logo with Vision-3™ technology, enhances the look of your boat.
AK’s discount price
SJR-XP1 Black $59.99
SJR-XP2 White $59.99
SJR-XP3 Gray $59.99

Hydrofoil Stabilizer



  Plush Marine Carpet (For Pontoons and other boats)
This is original factory carpet used in many new boats. Colors available: red, blue, gray,green and beige
A.K.’s price

$8.00 per running foot (carpet is 6 feet wide)
$10.00 per running foot (carpet is 8 feet wide) for pontoons

Bunk Carpet

12" Wide $1.50 per ft.
18" Wide $2.50 per ft.



Clear Coat Waterproof Contact Cement
This cement has proven to be a lasting and easy to use product for installation of carpet.

A.K.’s price
$12.99 per quart
$33.99 per gallon


Marine-Tex Repair Kit
AK's Top Choice
Made from epoxy resins and reinforced with high strength fillers, then further processed with a series of other plastic materials. Bonds to metal plastics, hard and soft wood, plywood, etc. Hardens to tensile strength of 10,000 lbs. per sq inch. Non-magnetic, non-rusting and non-corrosive. Kits contain catalyst and instructions. Size

A.K.’s price
Gray 2 oz. $13.99
14 oz
. $38.99

White 2 oz. $13.99
14 oz
. $38.99

  Rapid-Set Marine-Tex
A waterproof epoxy in a convenient 1:1 mix for emergency and permanent repairs. It cures in one hour at 72°F. This 1:1 epoxy paste provides a good bond to fill cracks and voids in fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood, cast iron and many hard plastics.

Rapid-Set is formulated for quick machinery and mechanical repairs, dockside or at-sea, to get back underway with minimum downtime. It is also used to secure hardware and loose fasteners.

AK's Price 
Gray 2 oz. $11.99

Marine-Tex Gluvit Waterproof Epoxy Sealer
Provides superior protection for fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. Seals leaky seams and rivets in aluminum hulls, and leaks around fiberglass cabins or decks. Hard protective coating flexes with hull movements to bridge and seal hairline cracks.

On wooden hulls, Gluvit seals and protects planks and sheeting against water absorption and damage from marine parasites. On aluminum hulls, Gluvit seals seams and rivets and acts as a barrier coat to minimize galvanic corrosion. On jet skis, rowboats and canoes, Gluvit provides abrasion resistance to protect hull sides and bottoms from damage by grounding on beaches or rocks.

AK's Price
2 lb. Kit    $39.99
8 lb. Kit    $99.99

  Marine-Tex FlexSet
A non-sagging, non-shrinking, permanently flexible epoxy adhesive.
Sandable and paintable, FlexSet resists vibration and bending failures by curing to a tough, flexible consistency that creates an air and watertight seal between mating surfaces.

Bonds to Polyethylene Starboard & Marine Lumber, PVC, Hypalon®, ceramic, rubber, polyurethane, glass, acrylic, steel, fiberglass, polycarbonate, wood, ABS, aluminum, Lexan® and dissimilar materials.

Apply above or below the waterline, in wet or dry areas.

AK' Price
1 oz. $14.99

West System Aluminum Boat Repair Kit
Repair leaky seams and rivets in aluminum boats with the Aluminum Boat Repair Kit.

Each Aluminum Boat Repair Kit contains 8 ounces of G/flex 650 epoxy, adhesive filler, application syringes, mixing pots and sticks and protective gloves. Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats.

Aluminum Boat Repair Kit (how-to video)

AK's Price  $32.99

  West System Plastic Boat Repair Kit
Repair plastic canoes, kayaks and inflatable's made from HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PVC or polycarbonate plastic with the contents of this kit. The Plastic Boat Repair Kit features plastic-friendly G/flex 655 epoxy, and is assembled with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.

Each Plastic Boat Repair Kit contains 8.4 ounces of pre-thickened G/flex epoxy, protective gloves, mixing pallets and mixing sticks. Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair splits and cracks in plastic boats, attach or repair reinforcement points on inflatable boats and repair pinhole leaks in inflatable's.

Plastic Boat Repair (demo video)

AK's Price  $29.99

3-M Non Skid Tape

1" — 75¢ Ft.
2" — $1.50 Ft.
4" — $2.50 Ft.
6" — $5.00 Ft.

  Hardline Hour meter

2 or 4 stroke outboards
Easy to install under the cowling by wrapping around spark plug wire.
Lets you know when your outboard needs servicing.

Compare at $39.99
A.K.’s price $26.99

Dyer Number/Letter Kit
This kit contains four of each number and letter. The letters are three inches high and meet all N.C. regulations. They are easy to apply and last for years. They are available in red, black, white and blue.

A.K.’s price $8.99

  Master Cleats
These hard nylon cleats are very strong. They have a black etched finish and will not rust. They have two pre-drilled holes for mounting and they work very well on jon boats. Three sizes are available.

4 1/4”... $1.99
6”......... $2.99
8”......... $5.99
10”....... $8.99

Fold-up Rigid Ring Drink Holder
This drink holder works great on most jon boats and many other boats. It holds 12-ounce cans and glasses and folds up when not in use. Available in black or white.

A.K.’s price $5.99

RoboCup is utility patented portable caddy that securely holds two drinks, cups, bottles, liquids, rods, poles, drum sticks, tools, gear, personal belongings, phone, keys, glasses, GPS, flashlight, cane and more.

A.K.’s price $19.99

Outboard Motor Lock
Fits the majority of motors secured to transom by means of clamp screws (except certain Chrysler outboards). Made of case-hardened steel, the tube is 100% vinyl clad against weather, water and corrosion. Features precision marine-brass pin-tumbler locking mechanism. The padlock is double locked against prying and recessed so tube forms and added case-hardened shield against cutting. Pair of brass keys included.

A.K.’s price $24.99


High powered answer to guarding your trailer on or off vehicles. Revolving case-hardened steel shackle fits openings 1/2” dia. or larger; shackle guard removable to accommodate opening. Pair of brass keys included.

A.K.’s price $13.99 

Solid Brass latch lock for trailer coupler. The coupler cannot be opened or closed when the lock is in place. 3/4" diameter

A.K.’s price $10.99



AK is one of the few places you will find the Dingy Wheels. Perfect for moving the boat around the yard or launching off the bank.
Great for aluminum, fiberglass, wooden transom boats up to about 14' (500 lbs.)
Fold down for moving, fold up and lock after in water

A.K.'s Price $89.99

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