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Alumacraft Boat Co. is a privately owned company which has been in business since 1946. Alumacraft riveted boats generally give the consumer more features for the money than other brands, such as heavier guage of aluminum, higher sides, etc. They maintain an excellent reputation for having a higher quality boat at a reasonable price. They also hold up to rigorous demands over the years, especially the 10’ through 16’ riveted models. We consider Alumacraft welded hulls to be some of the strongest built in the industry. Their heavy-duty rib structure needs to be considered when you are dealing with carrying heavy loads.

One of the best sellers over the years is model 1236. This is a 12ft. boat with a 36” bottom and a 55” beam. Another popular boat with Flounder giggers is the double wide 16 ft. with an open interior and large forward deck. A.K. McCallum Co. has been selling Alumacraft Boats since 1980 and has continued to be one of their largest Jon Boat Dealers every year. We are proud of our association with Alumacraft Boat Co.



In business since 1961, Lowe Boat Co. was originally owned and operated by the Lowe family. The Lowe family sold the company to Outboard Marine Corporation and today is currently owned and operated by Brunswick Marine

Lowe Boats enjoy a very good reputation here in NC which is well deserved. Lowe’s riveted hulls offer excellent quality workmanship, great performance on the water especially the modified Vee Hulls, and boaters love the live wells. With Lowe’s reasonable pricing and great resale value Lowe continues to be an industry leader.

Lowe Boat Co. builds a complete line of Aluminum boats featuring Pontoons, V-Hulls, Bass Boats, and Aluminum Jon Boats. We only offer their Aluminum Jon-Boat line and the Sea Nymph utility V-Hulls built by Lowe

Lowe’s most popular boat in NC is the 14’ and 16’ Big Jon Series. In NC, the highest number of registered 14’ Jon Boats is Lowe’s 14’ Big Jons. These are the boats you will see everywhere in the coastal waters of NC and the larger lakes and rivers.

A.K. McCallum Co. has sold Lowe boats since 1982.


Family owned and operated, Xpress Boats has been building quality aluminum boats in Arkansas since 1966. Starting out in a little schoolhouse in Friendship, Arkansas, Xpress Boats built the first all welded all aluminum boat. Xpress Boats discovered an untapped market in the boating industry and began to make a name for itself.

It was in the late 80's when Xpress Boats transformed the aluminum boat with the creation of the Hyper-Lift® Hull. The first of its kind, this padded hull raised the bar on the performance, durability and style of the aluminum boat. This was truly a defining moment for Xpress Boats. Now boaters had the durability and strength of aluminum
with the performance and style that had only been found on a fiberglass boat.

 Through the years Xpress experienced tremendous growth, and in 2000 moved its headquarters to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Today, Xpress offers more choices and more value with the expanded Hyper-Lift® Series and the price friendly Super Value Series, Silver Series and Xplorer Series.

Sea Ark Boat Co. has been operating and building boats under the Sea Ark name since 1993. Sea Ark was previously known as the Monark Boat Co., a privately owned company.

Sea Ark boats are recognized mainly for their super jon boat series. Their 20’ and 24’ jons with the 95” beam, 72” bottom width are extremely popular for recreational and commercial use. Duck hunters, striper fishermen, and hunting/fishing guides love these boats.

Sea Ark boats can be ordered with various options to meet nearly every demand. Ordering and delivery time on Sea Ark is lengthy (sometimes up to 90 days) so you need to place your order before the season arrives.

A.K McCallum Co. was one of the first Sea Ark dealers and has been one of their top dealers annually. We’re proud to offer Sea Ark boats in our line-up each year.


Alweld started out with an idea to build the
toughest aluminum boat on the market, with their guiding principle. Never allow the compromise of quality for quantity. Alweld is family owned and now in it's second generation of leadership. That guiding principle, and the original philosophy of boat building are still there. Better than it needs to be. In 30 years of business, we've been true to that principle and it's reflected in the loyalty of our customers, and the boats that they've used for years. When you contact the staff at Alweld Boats, you are not talking to a salesperson, you are talking to a family member with a devoted
interest in the company and because of that, in your satisfaction.

AK McCallum is very excited to add Alweld boats as a new boat line for 2010. Alweld has already built many custom boats for us that we now have in stock



Creek Boat is a privately owned company whose talented owner builds his boats with pride. Creek Boat has been in the boat building business since 1983 and builds one and two man Roto Molded fishing boats. These boats are designed to be used with foot pedal steering along with electric trolling motors. Especially popular with sportsmen who frequent swamps while hunting and fishing, these versatile boats also work great in ponds and creeks for panfishing.

A.K. McCallum Co. has proudly sold Creeks Boats since 1985.



Tohatsu has been building outboard motors
since 1956 and has gained world-wide reputation in over 30 countries for their reliability. You may also recognize outboards marketed by Tohatsu in the name of Nissan Outboards.

Originally designed for Japanese commercial fishermen, Tohatsu Outboards have been put to the ultimate test for decades–harsh ocean conditions and hours of running time. Tohatsu was brought to our attention by demands for this motor from NC Coastal Fishermen, another pretty tough group of fishermen. An interesting note to Tahatsu’s toughness, is that their 2.5 HP still holds the world record as the smallest outboard ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Tohatsu builds four-stroke and their newest technology motors, the TLDI (two-stroke, low pressure, direct injection system.) Since adding Tohatsu to our line up, Tohatsu Motors sales have exceeded all sales projections.

A.K. McCallum Co. has just been named as one of the top 25 dealers in the United States. A.K. McCallum Co. is proud to clamp a Tohatsu Motor on your transom.


Yamaha’s goal is simple: to make the most dependable and best performing outboard motors in the world. For over 40 years Yamaha has been building motors and was the top choice in over 140 countries across the globe before arriving in the United States.

Yamaha’s meticulous attention to details, state of the art technology, quality control and dealer support network are some of the reasons why boaters more than ever demand Yamaha outboards as their power choice. “When you want the Best” is the slogan that Yamaha uses and makes every effort to back up.

A.K. McCallum Co. has joined forces with Yamaha and has been greatly impressed with the quality and performance with every delivery we’ve made. Warranty problems are virtually non-existant and our service men after attending Yamaha Technical Training Schools intend on keeping it that way.

A.K. McCallum Co. is proud to install Yamaha motors on all our boats as part of an assembled package or as a replacement power source for your current boat.


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